Personal Protection Dogs

With the average police response time to a crime in your home being 11 minutes nationwide, there’s too much that could go wrong. When it comes to your family, there cannot be any room for error. Our Personal Protection Dogs are hand selected to fit your family and lifestyle while providing you with a sense of security and safety for everyone. Imagine watching a movie with the family and your youngest child sitting on the floor next to your dog. Now, imagine glass breaking in the middle of the night and hearing your dog alerting to the threat. Before you even make the call to the police, your dog has already deterred the intruder.

With years of experience training a variety of working dogs and pets, we can provide you with a dog to fit your family and lifestyle.

Please note, we do not keep a facility full of Protection Dogs since each client requires a different type of dog. Every dog is different just like every client’s situation.

It takes the right kind of dog with the right mentality to protect you. The majority of pets out there will bark at a threat giving their owners the mindset that their pet will protect them when in reality, if the threat escalates, the dog would actually run. We have tested numerous existing pets in homes for protection resulting with the majority failing the test. We do not believe in giving you a false sense of security, since lives could be on the line if you trust a dog that won’t truly protect you.

If you are interested in adding a Personal Protection Dog to your family please call us so we can set up your FREE consultation.

Not only do we sell Personal Protection Dogs but we can train your pet too!

Protection Board and Train - Dogs 1yr +
- Can be added to the Elite or Einstein Board and Train Program
- Basic Protection Training
- Can be purchased now to be used when your dog is of the correct age to receive this type of training
- Framed diploma of training
- Lifetime discounted boarding rates your dog

(PLEASE NOTE that all dogs must be tested prior to signing up for the Protection Board and Train Program. This is to ensure that your pet is biting for the right reasons and will truly protect you. We do not train “fear biting” dogs!)

Payment Options:

We accept major credit cards or cash

Payment Option 1: ½ payment due at drop off, ½ due at pickup
Payment Option 2: “Flex Pay”- Make payments at your own convenience, and once paid for your dog can start training with the program of your choice

Don’t wait for an incident to happen before making the next step. Take the step now so that incident never occurs!
Please contact us for pricing
We are a secured facility, you must call to schedule an appointment.
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